The Mission

Unleash the power of nutrition

Undernutrition contributes to half of all child deaths. In the worst-affected countries, 4 in 10 children are left with stunted bodies and brains. Putting a stop to undernutrition is one of the best means we have to transform children’s health, education and livelihoods.

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The Fund

Investing for impact

We are a partnership of like-minded investors and implementers committed to helping children grow to their full potential, ending the cycle of undernutrition, and enabling countries to build strong and prosperous communities. We are working together to unlock $1 billion in new financing to accelerate the fight against child undernutrition faster and on a scale that few can achieve alone.

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The Structure

Multiplying money

The Power of Nutrition multiplies contributions from each new investor by 4x – guaranteed. The full amount is directed to nutrition interventions on the ground – not to overheads or operating expenses.

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The Results

Maximising lives

By multiplying financing for a specific set of interventions that deliver high-quality nutrition supplements, services and education and investing it in geographic hotspots, we are playing a vital role in improving the health, education, and life possibilities of children – maximising lives for generations to come.

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We guarantee that every $1 invested is multiplied – by 4x

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