Global Malnutrition Crisis

Global conflict and related price rises are sending shockwaves through the food system. A wave of global malnutrition is on its way unless the world acts now.

Donate now and your vital contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar doubling the impact and saving lives.

The conflict in Ukraine is having a devastating impact on the lives of Ukrainians and those in neighbouring countries. Conflict-related price increases in the ‘3Fs’ – food, fertilizer and fuel – are also sending shockwaves through a fragile global food system, with a wave of global malnutrition coming in the months ahead unless the world acts now.

Through our – and our amazing partner’s – existing programmes in Africa and Asia, we can quickly and effectively reach the most vulnerable women and children. One of our donors has generously committed $20 million but only if it is matched dollar-for-dollar.

The global community is advocating for a number of key actions to limit the impact of the looming global cost-of-living crisis. One of the most proven effective interventions is small cash transfers to households that need it most – pregnant women and young mothers, with babies and young children – so they can continue to buy enough nutritious food to live. Helped by new technologies and partnerships, they allow families most in need to be empowered with choice to address their essential needs.

This is where The Power of Nutrition and our expert implementing partners come in. Cash transfers and other essential services are already a critical element in many of our – and our amazing partners’ – 19 programmes in Africa and Asia, which have so far helped 92 million people become more food and nutrition secure. We can expand existing or add cash transfers to new programmes extremely quickly.  For each dollar you donate, an existing donor of ours has generously committed to match it dollar-for-dollar, up to $20 million.

At a time of crisis, partner with us to help women and children receive enough nutritious food to survive. Partner with us to help turn back the wave of global malnutrition.

  Donate yourself or ask your company or organisation to donate directly and/or through employee giving. Every $1 donated unlocks another, doubling the impact and saving lives.