Global Malnutrition Crisis

Conflict, related price rises and the impact of climate change are sending shockwaves through the global food system. The world is sleepwalking into the worst food crisis in modern history with 43 million people in 51 countries on the edge of famine.

Donate to our appeal to provide critical nutritional support for mothers and children worldwide. All donations will be matched.

Ongoing global conflict and the subsequent global cost-of-living crisis is having a devastating impact globally. In the UK, we’re seeing record inflation but such inflation is life-threatening for communities who already struggle to pay for food. Climate change has caused continuous failed harvests which makes the soaring inflation rates hit even harder.

This ‘perfect storm’ of climate change, conflict and aftermath of Covid is having an impact on those who did little to contribute to its creation. Like others in our sector, we’re ringing the bell and calling for urgent ambitious action – not only to save lives now but to help build resilience against future shocks.

The countries we work in are some of the most affected by the global crisis. They include:

  • Ethiopia

    We are running our second programme in Ethiopia, one of the countries most affected by climate change having experienced five consecutive failed rainy seasons.

  • Benin

    Since 2021, conflict in Benin has accelerated and when combined with a damaged economy from the pandemic and below average rainfall due to climate change, the country now faces the highest food insecurity levels since its records began.

  • Liberia

    We have two programmes in Liberia, a country that’s been hugely impacted by Covid and the global food crisis. The most obvious sign is the increase of acute malnutrition, which had dropped to 3% pre-Covid but has now risen to 7% for children under five.

Ambitious action is needed now, to save millions of lives.

The Power of Nutrition convenes partners to co-design programmes that respond to immediate nutritional needs and build for sustainable futures.

With your partnership, we can work to ensure that no child goes hungry by:

  • Providing cash assistance to the most vulnerable households so they can continue to feed their families
  • Ensuring that vulnerable children have access to Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Food (a life-saving mix of milk powder and peanut paste provided in an easy-to-consume way) alongside other treatments, so that they can continue to learn and play
  • Coalescing governments and key players to raise awareness of the growing crisis linked to climate change and global conflict
  • Uniting with other partners to make significant impact on this global crisis

We’re raising vital funds to help support women and children quickly and effectively.  All donations will be matched, dollar-for-dollar to double the impact.

As many as 345 million people are expected to experience food insecurity this year – that’s double the level in 2020 before the pandemic. We can’t afford to sit back and continue with the status quo.

Act now to save lives.

For more information and to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact Chris Grayson:

At a time of crisis, partner with us to help women and children receive enough nutritious food to survive. Partner with us to help turn back the wave of global malnutrition.

 Donate yourself or ask your company or organisation to donate directly and/or through employee giving. Every $1 donated unlocks another, doubling the impact and saving lives.

  • On 4 March 2022 in Bevoalavo village, Madagascar, Sanasoanandrasana, 25, carries her 2-year-old son Razafimandimby while he eats a Ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF).

  • Mother feeding her child at the Ambatomirahavavy community site, taken during The Power of Nutrition programme visit, Nov 2019.

  • Macarthur King (8 months old) has the length of his arm measured with a MUAC band as part of the malnutrition screening process at the UNICEF supported Pipeline Out-Patient Clinic in Monrovia, Liberia

  • Lofo Kamara (20) and Musa Ama (1) go through malnutrition screening as part of the UNICEF supported community outreach program in Sarkonedu, Lofa County, Liberia