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Nourishing lives in Africa and Asia

We work with local communities, experienced implementing partners and governments to support national nutrition programmes that deliver at scale.

Our Work

Our Impact

Our partnerships have improved health and nutrition for more than 157 million women, children and adolescents through 25 programmes across 16 countries.


children reached


women supported


cases of stunting averted


cases of maternal anaemia averted


under five deaths averted

Boy in nutrition clinic, Rwanda

"My child has started to gain weight with eating soya porridge. I can now afford to take her to the hospital when she is sick unlike before when I did not know what to do. God brought this programme to help take care of my child and I cannot be happier."


18 years old with one child, Malawi

"I am feeling a sense of brightness as I can earn income through the production of these goats to feed my family well. Thanks for saving my family's life and preventing us from migration."


Mother, Ethiopia

"I have gradually learned about EmoDemo [the programme] and taught the implementation to my child. It is important to make sure that a healthy diet with nutritious food is practiced, as it will greatly impact my child's development and health."

Father in Indonesia

Participating in the BISA programme

"The early childhood development centre has transformed my son by taking him out of isolation. He's doing well and has no problems. He talks to me and tells me what he's learning: French, Kinyarwanda, and English. He's no longer malnourished."


Mother, Nyamagabe, Rwanda


Tackling malnutrition requires a multisectoral approach

The most effective way to reduce the burden of global malnutrition is a multisectoral approach that aims to improve nutrition at all critical stages of life. Our programmes integrate nutrition services and solutions within broader health systems, choosing the most appropriate sectors to local contexts, including water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), food systems, social protection, education, climate and gender.


Nutrition interventions such as supplementation, promoting breastfeeding and lifesaving severe malnutrition treatment are at the heart of our programmes.


We integrate with health systems to improve overall health and reduce under five mortality – interventions include strengthening antenatal and postnatal care, providing deworming, child health monitoring and urgent treatments.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

We ensure access to clean water and promote hygiene as it’s central to improving nutrition outcomes – dirty water or poor hygiene can lead to illnesses and disease, which perpetuates the vicious cycle of poor health and malnutrition.


Malnourished children are often also ‘zero-dose’ children, having not received any vital immunisations – we advocate for integrating the two for increased impact.

Early childhood development

Integrating early childhood development activities and nutrition creates a powerful synergy to ensure a child can reach their full potential.

Community mobilisation

Working at the community level ensures the success of a programme – this includes community mobilisation and social behavioural change interventions, empowering communities to lead on their own development.


Because of biology and cultural norms, malnutrition affects more women than men. Our programmes proactively support women and tackle gender inequality to change this.


Education provides a platform to reach children at scale. Children cannot learn with empty stomachs, so we look to integrate the two sectors where possible.

Food systems and climate

Climate change is threatening global access to nutritious foods and on the flip side, food systems contribute a huge amount to climate change. To tackle both – we cannot consider them in isolation.

Social protection

Providing social protection, often through cash transfers, is an important intervention to empower local communities to tackle affordability - one of the key barriers to food and nutrition security.

Sexual and reproductive health rights

Nutrition is closely related to aspects of sexual and reproductive health; combining the two accelerates gender equality and helps tackle the intergenerational trap of malnutrition.


Partnerships in action

Read more about our partnerships and programmes, supporting mothers and children across Africa and Asia with better nutrition.

END Fund ET2016 06

Convening Rotary International, the END Fund and Eleanor Crook Foundation for a multisectoral programme supporting mothers and children in Ethiopia

Food and nutrition security in Ethiopia is being devastated by the effects of climate change, internal conflict and displacement. This multisectoral programme brings together eight partners to create impact at scale.

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IMG 6166

Working with Unilever, Group M, Cargill and Norad to engage mothers on nutrition and hygiene through technology in India

This programme takes an innovative approach to addressing malnutrition; through mobile technology, it improves nutrition and hygiene for families in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

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Tri08996 52931390182 o

Convening partners to support the Government of Rwanda’s bold ambition to eradicate childhood stunting

Our multisectoral programme in Rwanda brings together public and private sector partners to tackle malnutrition – with great impact already, it shows the success of a holistic approach.

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Mother in Bangladesh holding her baby. May 2021.

Working with the fashion industry, civil society and government to support mothers and children in Bangladesh

This programme collaborates with a wide range of partners, from the apparel company PVH Corp. to UNICEF and the Government of Bangladesh, all with the goal of improving nutrition for mothers and children in Bangladesh.

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Women dancing during a care group session for mothers, in their community in Balaka district, Malawi. Sam Vox/Save the Children

Working in partnership to empower mothers and children in Malawi so communities can thrive

This $12 million co-investment brings together a range of partners to tackle malnutrition with a holistic approach in Malawi.

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UNI333443 Viraj and Manasvi feb 2020 Mahrashtra

Raising the aspirations of nutrition for women and children in Maharashtra with UNICEF, the Government of Maharashtra, Norway, UBS and CIFF

A unique multisectoral programme that works hand-in-hand with the local state government to reach millions of health workers, caregivers and communities to improve the health, nutrition and wellbeing of families.

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Two babies in blankets

Empowering mothers to take charge of their children’s health and nutrition in Côte d’Ivoire

This programme supported the Government of Côte d’Ivoire to tackle malnutrition using multisectoral interventions through local community platforms.

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Fahmi anwar 038do PWD0 Gw unsplash

Convening partners to support the Government of Indonesia to tackle malnutrition

Private and public sector partners are pooling resources through The Power of Nutrition to integrate efforts to tackle malnutrition in Indonesia. This programme takes a holistic approach to improve nutrition, WASH and health for mothers, children and adolescents.

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