15TH OCTOBER, 2019

Supporting The Power of Nutrition at the Mount Desert Island Marathon

149 million children under five are still suffering from stunting, negatively affecting a child’s health and impairing their cognitive and physical development.
As such, a lot more needs to be done to eradicate undernutrition, and your support is vital because we can’t achieve this goal alone.

We are delighted to announce that a group of our supporters will be participating in the Mount Desert Island Marathon on October 20th to raise money for The Power of Nutrition and raise awareness of the global issue of undernutrition. Thanks to our unique financing model, we guarantee that every dollar invested in The Power of Nutrition is leveraged by a minimum of four times, and delivered to our experienced implementing partners on the ground. So, a commitment of $1 would result in $4 being invested in programmes designed to reduce undernutrition.

Read our runners’ blog here https://www.powerofnutrition.org/supporting-the-power-of-nutrition-at-the-mount-desert-island-marathon/



You can support them by donating through their official fundraising page below.


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