Corporate Alliance

How your company can improve the lives of women and children

What is the Corporate Alliance?

The Power of Nutrition recognises that the support and endorsement of the corporate world is key to achieving our goals, and has set an initial objective of raising $500,000 by April 2019 from an alliance of companies interested in improving global nutrition. 

Contributions made by companies will be matched and multiplied to $2 million through our bi-lateral matching agreements.

The alliance will support a portfolio of the most significant, most robustly designed and managed programmes, addressing undernutrition and  helping to improve the lives of millions of women and children in Africa and Asia.

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How will investments be deployed?

The Corporate Alliance will support seven new programmes commencing in 2018 in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Rwanda, India, Indonesia and beyond.

These major programmes drive sustainable changes to health provision in these countries and support a combination of evidence-based interventions (proven to improve nutrition and health)  and related activities including: breastfeeding promotion, vitamin provision and supplementation, de-worming, hand washing with soap, healthcare worker training, ante-natal and post-natal care and hygiene and nutrition education. 


What can partners expect?


⋅ On the lives of millions
⋅ On economic growth
⋅ On 11 of the sustainable development goals (SDGs)
⋅ Delivering sustainable change
⋅ High social return on investment
⋅ Their investment increased four-fold thanks to our matched funding model
⋅ Corporate contributions will support our goal of reaching 18 million women and 17 million children under 5


⋅ Excellent service from our attentive team
⋅ Bi-annual partner meetings
⋅ Feedback on results
⋅ Staff forums and education
⋅ Attendance at key events
⋅ Programme visits

A raised profile

⋅ Brand visibility at high profile events
⋅ Referenced on our website and marketing materials
⋅ Association with an internationally recognised foundation
⋅ Named programme sponsors

Next steps

If you’re interested in learning more about our corporate alliance programme and how you could get involved, contact our team:

Andrew Davidson, Director, Partnerships and Brands, at

Mabel McKeown, Associate Director, Partnerships and Brands, at

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