The Power of Nutrition’s Response to the UK Government’s newly announced Nutrition for Growth Commitment

Simon Bishop, Chief Executive Officer, The Power of Nutrition


We welcome the British government’s announcement today that they will commit £1.5 billion to tackling malnutrition from 2022-2030, and that they are making this a formal Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment.

This is extremely positive compared to their failure to make any financial commitment at the main N4G Summit in Tokyo in December 2021, which not just disappointed us but also many of Britain’s key partners and allies. This commitment secures better nutrition for millions of the world’s most vulnerable children, adolescents and women and for that we are very grateful.

We are seeing unprecedented levels of food and nutrition insecurity around the world. 149 million children remain stunted (too short for their age) and 45 million children wasted (too thin for their height). There remains a $10.8 billion annual global nutrition funding gap for 2022-30. We therefore urge the British government to continue to prioritise this issue, including providing additional funds when the UK returns to the 0.7% commitment and at the next N4G Summit in Paris in 2024.

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