27TH JUNE, 2022

The Power of Nutrition joins forces with civil society coalition to push the G7 to act ambitiously in response to global food and malnutrition crisis

Right now, every 48 seconds someone in East Africa dies of hunger. Around the world, around 49 million people are on the brink of famine. According to the World Food Programme, the war in Ukraine may increase the number of food-insecure people by 47 million people in 2022, bringing it to 323 million by the end of the year.

The looming food and malnutrition crisis is evident for everyone to see, yet we don’t believe world leaders are doing enough to prevent it and do not have the action plans or funding in place to fight it.

That’s why we’ve been at the heart of a nutrition focused civil society coalition, urging leaders at the G7 summit to put food and nutrition security at the top of the agenda. We’ve been advocating that the world mustn’t do its usual ‘calories in bellies’ approach, and must prioritise nutritious food.

It started with a 1-pager, which we developed with the Gates Foundation, Eleanor Crook Foundation, Save the Children, Action Against Hunger and UNICEF, with clear asks for health, finance and development ministers. This led to a broader consortium of CSOs as well as the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, collectively working on the #HungryForAction campaign – aligning the messaging between 40+ organisations and pushing global leaders to act on the food and nutrition crisis. Partners at Save the Children created press ads to land in all markets, as well as social media content for everyone to use. All activity points to the standalone website where decision makers and political targets can see the joined up policy messaging which we delivered to sherpas.

All eyes are on G7 leaders today as they discuss Global Food Security in the sixth working session. With financial pledges for food and nutrition already made by many countries, we’re concerned leaders haven’t gone far enough…

This is a movement for everyone: to get involved, use #HungryForAction on social media and please consider donating to our Global Malnutrition Crisis Appeal.

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