The Power of Nutrition eligible countries

The Power of Nutrition has a list of 30 eligible countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, with a stunting prevalence equal to or more than 30% and at least 250,000 children stunted.

eligible country list


Source: Only countries in the World Bank’s Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia & Pacific (with Pacific Island countries removed), and South Asia regions were considered for eligibility, given The Power of Nutrition’s geographic focus. Stunting prevalence data from latest surveys available in the 2019 data set of the UNICEF-WHO-The World Bank Group joint child malnutrition estimates. Estimated U5 population with stunting calculated by multiplying the latest stunting prevalence estimate by the corresponding U5 population according to the survey year used for the stunting prevalence estimate.

Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Eritrea, South Sudan and The Sudan all meet our stunting criteria, however, these countries have not been included in The Power of Nutrition’s eligible country list as they have harmonized averages below 3.0 (according to the World Bank’s FY 19 Harmonized List of Fragile Situations), indicating that programming in these countries may be particularly challenging.

a) Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso are The Power of Nutrition programming countries where the stunting prevalence has dropped below 30%.

b) Chad no longer meets the fragile situations criteria for a harmonized average above 3.0, but has been kept on the list due ongoing involvement of The Power of Nutrition (initial conversations)

c) Myanmar no longer meets the criteria on stunting prevalence in under-fives, but has been kept on the list due to ongoing involvement of The Power of Nutrition (initial conversations)

*LBW data for these countries is not available because they did not have adequate data sets