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Community stories

Micheline's story

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Nearly one in three children in Benin suffer from chronic malnutrition. Our programme is designed to reverse this trend, using proven interventions that support mothers to breastfeed, as well as training for health workers in knowledge and best breastfeeding practice. One of the mothers involved in the programme is Micheline, a mother of five-month-old baby, living in the Zakpota district of Benin.

Micheline with her five-month-old baby Adjido, Zakpota district (Zou)

Micheline said:

When I gave birth to my daughter, she was really very small. The midwife working in the maternity [ward] reassured me in a friendly way that she [would be] available to help and assist me to improve the situation of my small baby, but I would have to follow strictly her guidance
At the beginning it was very difficult for me to correctly maintain skin to skin contact with my very small baby and keep her in position where she can breastfeed.

With the midwife’s guidance and support, Micheline learnt how to hold her baby in a comfortable position for breastfeeding.

Consequently, she gained weight quickly and now, as you can see, she is growing well. I am really happy with the support of the midwife. Without her assistance my baby could have died.

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