Like-minded investors

We are a partnership of investors and implementers committed to helping children grow to their full potential, ending the cycle of undernutrition, and enabling countries to build strong and prosperous communities.  The partnership is open to new private and public investors interested in funding large-scale, high impact programmes in some of the countries that are worst affected by undernutrition.

Multiplying Impact

By working through some of the most influential and effective partners on the ground, and focusing our resources on the worst-affected countries, we will deliver results on a scale that few can achieve alone. The programmes we support will prepare millions of children to fight disease, benefit from education, and escape poverty – creating positive change that stretches far into the future.

Built for business

A relentless focus on results

A small Executive Team based in London will monitor the programmes we support very closely so that the impact of each investment is clear, and report back to investors twice each year. The entire process will be overseen by our Board of Trustees.

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Unleash the power of nutrition and help young children keep up with their classmates and stay in school for at least an extra year

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