How We Work

Generating new funding, building effective partnerships and driving investment in nutrition programmes that deliver at scale

how we work

We want to help end the cycle of undernutrition and drastically reduce stunting, with a specific focus on improving mother and child nutrition. To achieve this, we build partnerships that enable us to co-finance national programmes that are designed to tackle undernutrition in the critical first 1,000 days of life and into early childhood.

This approach is built around a unique financing structure that enables the Power of Nutrition to multiply any new funding it raises by at least four times – maximising the total investment in these nutrition programmes. This investment is supported by a rigorous approach to due diligence, monitoring, evaluation and learning – helping to ensure that each programme has the biggest possible impact and that best practice is shared across our whole investment portfolio.

convening new partnerships

The cycle of undernutrition cannot be broken by governments, businesses, philanthropists or civil society alone. It requires effective partnerships that work towards systemic and sustainable solutions.

That’s why we are committed to convening and building new and stronger partnerships that make the most of all the skills, knowledge, experience and resources that exist across private, public and non-governmental sectors.

By bringing together funders, expert implementing partners and national governments who can drive improvements to nutrition on an unprecedented scale.


unlocking new funding

By using our unique funding model, and acting as platform for pooling resources, The Power of Nutrition is able to mobilise a combination of private sector and public sector finances.

By 2022, we aim to have unlocked $1 billion of new investment in vital nutrition programmes in countries with the highest burden of undernutrition and stunting.

We estimate that this new investment will enable us to reach an additional 17 million children and 18 million women.

maximising our impact


investing in scale, systemic change and sustainability

The Power of Nutrition invests in high burden countries where stunting rates are over 30 percent or where at least 250,000 children under five are affected by stunting.

We work with implementing partners who have a strong track record in delivering effective programmes and who have the capacity to support governments work at scale to increase access to nutrition.

These investments are also carefully designed to help governments to improve the national and local systems that deliver high impact nutrition services.

In addition to ensuring that the programmes we invest in have the greatest possible reach, this approach enables us to support the development of sustainable and long term solutions to undernutrition.



FOCUSING on high impact interventions

Evidence shows that improving the quality of nutrition in the crucial first 1,000 days of a child’s life – and on through early childhood – represents the best way to reduce the risk of undernutrition and prevent stunting and the lifelong implications they bring.

The Power of Nutrition therefore aims to scale up 11 evidence-based interventions targeting women, especially through pregnancy and motherhood, infants and young children. These interventions were highlighted in the 2008 and 2013 Lancet Series on Maternal and Child Nutrition as being proven to have the greatest impact reducing child stunting.

The programmes that we invest in use a combination of these interventions to improve nutrition outcomes and reduce levels of stunting, wasting and undernutrition.


due diligence, MOniTorING and EVALUATION


The Power of Nutrition is rigorous in our due diligence procedures. Due diligence is carried out at three stages in the investment process to ensure that we are working with the best possible partners, who share our vision and values, and only investing in programmes that are likely to deliver sustainable improvements to nutrition at scale.

In order to ensure that our investments are having the greatest possible impact on undernutrition, The Power of Nutrition is committed to a rigorous approach to monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

Independent evaluators Mathematica Policy Research and Avenir Health have been commissioned to gather lessons from our experience and to assess our contribution to reduced stunting. This independent evaluation will run through to 2023 and will provide real-time feedback on whether our model is achieving its objectives of delivering nutrition results at scale, raising new nutrition funds, and increasing the prioritisation of nutrition among partner governments and institutions.


Reducing undernutrition on a sustainable level requires increased funding and enduring commitment from all stakeholders. The Power of Nutrition aims to leverage global commitment to nutrition by sharing the impact of our partnerships on improving nutrition outcomes.

The positive impact of our programmes will encourage greater prioritisation of nutrition by governments, international NGOs, global institutions and the private sector.

We also aim to contribute to the global learning agenda and knowledge base on undernutrition, along with our key partners.