We are committed to generating real, measurable results for children. We will monitor the programmes we support very closely so that the impact of each investment is clear, and report back to investors twice each year.

  • Monitoring

    Detailed monitoring data are collected on all projects in countries supported by the fund, showing how each project is doing against its delivery targets.

  • Evaluations

    Evaluations are carried out for each country project to determine whether they have delivered the impact on children that they were targeting – and enabling us to track the return on our investment.

  • Impact

    An evaluation of the performance of the fund over its lifetime will also be conducted throughout the life of the fund to assess the effectiveness of the Power of Nutrition in improving children’s lives. This will tell us what we are doing well and what we can do better. It will be led by an independent evaluator, reporting to our Board, and the results will be publicly available.

As the number of our investments grows, more information and reports will be made publicly available on this page. Check back regularly to follow our progress in unleashing the power of nutrition – and maximising lives for generations to come.

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With the right nutrition, the most undernourished children are 9 times less likely to die from pneumonia

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