The Power of Philanthropy Through the Prism of Giving

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Effective philanthropy has always been a difficult process, demanding an understanding of the unique challenges posed by pursuing positive social impact.

Join Gates Foundation accelerators The Power of Nutrition and philanthropy advisors Prism the Gift Fund for an evening of discussion from 6pm on Wednesday 25th April near Piccadilly in London, and learn more about innovative and effective philanthropy solutions driving the greatest social good.

Conversation will be led by an esteemed panel of experts, including philanthropist Luke Ding, CEO of Prism the Gift Fund Anna Josse,  and CEO of The Power of Nutrition Martin Short. We are also pleased to welcome Prism‘s Trustee and Head of the UK & Ireland Office at Julius Baer, Tracey Reddings, as Chair.
To join us, please register your interest by 13th April on LinkedIn or via the form below: