Our approach

The Power of Nutrition multiplies new financing for critical, basic nutrition supplements, services and education and works through best-in-class implementing partners to deliver results on the ground. Our first implementing partners are UNICEF and the World Bank.

Turning investment into impact

How multiplying works

We multiply contributions from new investors to nutrition by a minimum of 4x – guaranteed by our pre-negotiated co-financing arrangements. After doubling investors’ contributions, we direct it to our hotspot countries where it is doubled again by our implementing partners – in the form of new grants and International Development Association (IDA) financing.


Exceptional return
on investment

Investing in child nutrition offers one of the highest returns in international development. That’s because good nutrition gives children better health, education, and life possibilities – often through low-cost interventions. An investment of just $100 is enough to protect a child from stunting. $200 is enough to protect a severely wasted child from dying.

Unleash the power of nutrition and reverse the effects of stunting for 159 million young children

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