COVID-19 Crisis Appeal

COVID-19 is a nutrition crisis too


COVID-19 is threatening food supplies, livelihoods and economic stability. These disruptions, alongside a decline in essential services, risk a spiral of preventable illness and mortality. Failure to act now will result in serious consequences for Sub-Saharan African and South Asian countries, aggravating the cycle of undernutrition and eroding health and nutrition gains.

In countries with fragile food and health systems, COVID-19 and the strategies designed to limit its transmission are shattering the ability of millions of people to feed themselves and their families. Measures such as social distancing mean they will have to choose between obeying guidance and going hungry, or risk facing fines or even becoming infected. Reduced incomes will greatly expand the number of people at risk, with this vulnerability further increased by lowered food availability and rising food prices due to volatile food systems. Closure or reduced service provision in health facilities will lead to a decreased uptake of key services like antenatal care, as well as life-saving interventions including therapeutic feeding of severely malnourished children.

Protect People’s Nutrition in Face of the Pandemic

In light of COVID-19, our mission is now more critical than ever. Good nutrition leads to stronger immune systems, making people more resilient to diseases and pandemics such as COVID-19.

Working in partnership with national governments, highly effective implementing partners and investors, The Power of Nutrition has already enabled over 60 million women and children to access vital nutrition services.

The Power of Nutrition is using our match funding model, nutrition expertise and network of implementing partners, local governments and investors to coordinate a multi-systems response to COVID-19 – grounded in nutrition.



How You Can Help

Working with The Power of Nutrition will enable you to:Portfolio map

  • Save lives through the prevention and treatment of severe acute malnutrition in children

  • Support the most vulnerable through interventions such as handwashing with soap, health worker training and essential nutrition services

  • Make your philanthropy go further, thanks to our 2x match on donations to Unicef, Save the Children, CARE, Action Against Hunger in key countries*


*We are working with partners to protect gains made in nutrition across our programmes in
Benin, Liberia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Lesotho, Madagascar, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania India and Indonesia.

Key Interventions in Light of COVID-19


Working with our implementing partners, we are keeping our focus on nutrition while adapting our programmes to:

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We will work with your team, partner governments and implementers to deploy the most effective resources to people in need.

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